According to the Health and Safety Executive, there are approximately 1,000 major electrical related injuries reported each year. These can involve burns and electrical shocks and of these injuries around 30 of them are fatal.
The government in their latest Fire Statistics Bulletin, report that 5,391 fires were caused by “other electrical appliances” in 2006. Of these fires, 907 caused some kind of casualty and of those, 12 were fatal.
A proper program of PAT Testing is essential to help ensure that electrical related accidents are prevented.

As Lord McKenzie, Minister responsible for Health and Safety, said recently:

There is a strong business case for responsible health and safety at work and some employers clearly fail to take seriously the risks that many of their employees face each day. The government [is] committed to tackling the toll of workplace ill-health, injury and death and call on all employers to ensure that their workforce stays healthy.